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Want to know the differences between poor and rich people?

Posted by Mark Attard on 28 June 2016
Want to know the differences between poor and rich people?

Here are 7 traits we've noticed in smart money managers.

Most people have thought about what it would be like to live debt free, take ad hoc holidays and maybe even own a really nice car or three!

The million-dollar question is: How to become rich?

Naturally, there's no simple answer. But, we have noticed a few significant differences between people who have mastered the art of managing and making money, and those who struggle to create any wealth for themselves at all.

Here are the top 7 traits we have observed in smart money managers.
1. They have clarity over where they are at financially

2. They are proactive not reactive with their money

3. They understand their worst case scenario  

4. They know who they are and what their relationship with money is

5. They use finance industry experts

6. They understand time is more valuable than money

7. And, when it comes to investment, they specialise. That means they find out what type of investment works for them and they stick to it.
Educating yourself about your money and understanding your relationship with it, is a great place to start when trying to increase your wealth.

In today's uncertain economy it's more important than ever to understand where your money goes and how to get on top of it. Our lending consultants are across all the latest services and developments on the market. We assess and explain your financial options in a simple way that's easy to understand. And, rest assured, we're salary paid so our advice is not tainted.

From time-to-time some people have a bit of luck along the way. But, usually, smart money managers are the ones who have control over their lives, who are persistent and committed to achieving their dreams, and who are always willing to learn new things about their personal finance.

Don't make a financial decision you'll regret, contact us today for your free 10-minute money management consultation.

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