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Reduce my debt

Meet Chris

A 32-year-old analyst at an Adelaide marketing firm.

"I'm always looking for ways to better manage my money.

I read the financial pages of the newspaper, but I'm still confused about how to pay off debt should I consolidate my debt so that I can make one regular repayment?

I have a mortgage on a small apartment near work, a car loan and I've probably over spent on my credit card this month."

What Chris needs

Chris needs access to someone he can talk too about his short and long term financial goals. His strategy should include a debt consolidation loan.


How FinancePath can help

Remember debt consolidation is not about finding a quick fix. A FinancePath lending consultant will spend a lot of time getting to know Chris and his relationship with money.

Then we will devise a lending strategy that meets his financial goals. For example, he may be able to use the equity in his apartment to pay off some of his debt. We will also help educate Chris on how to avoid getting in too much debt again, as well as the difference between good debt and bad debt.

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