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First Home Buyer

Meet Maddie & Lachy

Maddie & Lachy knew they wanted to purchase their first home but didn't know how to go about it.

"We contacted FinancePath and they helped us to set some goals, short term and long term. We opened a joint bank account together and started saving".

Fast forward two years and Maddie & Lachy saved enough for a deposit and were able to secure their first home $11k under the other offer because they did not have a finance clause on their offer. 


What Maddie & Lachy need

Maddie & Lachy needed to save. They needed education on their finances. They needed to make some big decisions around where they wanted to live, type of house, how much they wanted to spend, the process for applying for finance.  They needed to be guided through this daunting process.


How FinancePath can help

Firstly, it's important for Maddie & Lachy to work out if they have the same financial aspirations. They need to have a conversation not only about their short term goals, but also longer term.

It's then important to focus on their numbers, then the property. Most people do this backwards.

Our 7-Step Lending Process  ensured Maddie & Lachy understood how much they should borrow. It was about developing a lending strategy that will help them buy their first home, but also allow them to continue enjoying their young and active lives.

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