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The Upgrader

Meet Martin & Christina

After outgrowing their two-bedroom home, it's time for a family home with more room for the kids. Martin & Christina never focussed on their spending and budget but had the motivation and confidence to build their dream home.

"I think everyone dreams of having the big house, with the yard, with their kids playing in the yard, we wanted a better house for our family but didn't know how to go about it"



What Martin & Christina need

Martin & Christina already had a loan with one of the big 4 banks, and after eight years in their first home they had built up substantial equity. They are at an important stage of their life trying to balance the desire to maintain their current lifestyle and continue to grow their wealth through property. They need some direction and advice to understand what is a priority and be shown the options that are available to them.

How FinancePath can help

Martin & Christina came to us for advice on what to do next, we firstly needed to understand their short and long term goals, it wasn't just about their dream home but the lifestyle they wanted to live moving forward.

Once we had a better understanding of their financial situation we were able to develop a plan to help them reach their short term goal of their dream home.

"We had to take steps to get our dream home, FinancePath made it an easy process by putting it in layman's terms. We realised you don't have to have a lot of money to grow on what you have, but you have to be prepared to push yourself ourside your comfort zone."

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