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Meet Doris & Derek

With their children out of home and after 40-years of marriage, this couple are ready to enjoy retirement.

"We want our savings to give us more income.

We hope that our retirement plan and inheritance for the kids are in order, but we're not 100 per cent sure.

Retirement should be about enjoying ourselves, but finding travel insurance has been difficult with Doris' heart condition.

"We've been with 'The Bank' for 40 years, but you wouldn't know it."

What Doris & Derek need

Derrick and Doris need to save money, secure insurance and, most importantly, enjoy a more personalised money management service.

How FinancePath can help

Reaching retirement age isn't easy. That's why we'll introduce Derrick and Doris to one of our business parters who are specialists in this area. They will give them a clear idea of the level of investment assets they require, including superannuation to be comfortable in retirement.


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