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Ultimate pre-tax time checklist for property investors.

Posted by Mark Attard on 12 May 2023
Ultimate pre-tax time checklist for property investors.

Sorting through heaps of receipts to figure out your allowable deductions isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, right?

Property investment can be a rewarding venture, but it comes with its share of responsibilities, especially when tax season rolls around. To help you navigate the world of tax deductions, we’ve put together a tax checklist for property investors.

Follow these steps for a less stressful tax season:

1) Organise your documents early

Start by organising your documents now rather than later to make tax season less of a headache.

Collect all necessary paperwork, such as rental income statements, property management reports, and insurance information.

Consider digitising your receipts using various apps and tools to streamline the process.

Keep in mind the ATO still recommends you keep a backup of all your digital records.

2) Familiarise yourself with your allowable deductions

As a property investor, you’re entitled to numerous deductions. These can include advertising for tenants, council rates, water bills, maintenance costs, and depreciation on assets.

Check out the ATO’s Guide for rental property owners, Rental Properties 2022, for more insight into tax deductions for property investors.

3) Determine your assessable income

Assessable income comes from various sources, such as salary and wages, allowances, interest from bank accounts, dividends, bonuses, commissions, pensions, and rent.

Use a spreadsheet or online tool to record all your assessable income and allowable deductions for easy access by your accountant.

4) Lock in a date with your accountant

Accountants are like rockstars this time of year, so book in early to avoid disappointment. While you might consider doing your taxes yourself, enlisting the help of a tax accountant can save time and money, as they’ll know precisely which deductions you qualify for.

5) Plan for the future

You’re already diving into your finances, so why not take advantage to review your financial goals and plan for the year to come?

Consider refinancing your mortgage, consolidating debts, or you could utilise your equity to expand your property portfolio.

Our team at FinancePath is ready to help you achieve these particular goals. Whether you are an experienced investor or just getting started, we have the expertise to guide you through the process.

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