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20 tips for small businesses to save money

Posted by Mark Attard on 10 August 2016
20 tips for small businesses to save money

We found a great article on how small businesses can save money easily. This article covers ideas like:

  • Environmental savings - turning off computers, lights, etc
  • Contract savings: search market before contract expires. 
  • Office savings: Free software, ebay etc
  • Cashflow savings: Invoicing tools (freshbooks.com, Xero) that have built in reminders

Plus some quick ideas:

5 quick ways to save money in less than 5 minutes

- When the last person leaves the office, turn off the lights
- Download your bank's business account cell phone app (most banks have them now). It'll mean you can check your account on the go and could help you see any approaching overdraft fees.
- Have a jar on the photocopier and ask staff to put in 5 cents if they copy non-work items.
- Use energy efficient light bulbs Non-fluorescent bulbs waste as much as $15 per kilowatt.
- Email invoices instead of posting them this will also save you time!

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