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Our Fee Structure

FinancePath guaranteeKnow your fees and save on Lending, Property and Money Management services.

Our fee structure is transparent so that you know exactly where your money goes and what you get for it.


Firstly, we do not charge a fee for our lending advice.

Secondly, we disclose all the fees relevant to any loan facility that we recommend. This includes our funders' application, valuation and ongoing service fees.

Our commission is paid upfront and ongoing from the lender. And, we have the flexibility to adjust these fees to suit your finance goals. Find out more about how we get paid, our fees and charges in the FinancePath Credit and Disclosure Guide.

Interest rates may vary from 3.79% to 8.19% depending on the product you select and other factors such as loan to value ratio, loan size and loan purpose. We will tailor a home loan solution to meet your needs, taking into account your personal crcumstances, goals and longer term objectives.

Property Solutions

Our Property Solutions service has no hidden commissions and no inflated property prices.

Whether you're looking to buy an established property, a property off the plan or a house and land package, we charge a flat fee of $12,000 + GST or 2% + GST of the purchase price, whichever is the lesser.

We also offer a range of Property Reports designed to take the guesswork out of your property selection.

These reports include:

Money Management

To make managing your personal finance easy, we've created Your Smart Money Tool.

The pro subscription fee of $16.95 per month covers the production and maintenance of this market-leading software. FinancePath does not make a profit from this product. It's simply about helping you to better manage your money from end-to-end.

To help get you started we are offering you a chance to experience the power of the tool FREE. Just click on the 30 day free trial logo to register and find out how easy and enjoyable managing your money can be.


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