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What is Mortgage Management?

Firstly, we're different to brokers (who usually set clients up with a loan and forget about them after settlement). And we're not like the big banks (who often pigeonhole clients into a prefabricated product that just makes them a whole lot of money). Secondly, transactional business is not for us. We take a personal approach to our clients money management. Here's how:

Our service is customised because everyone's finance path is different.
We've helped more than 1000 clients who all want the same thing, clarity in their financial position.  And each has their own money aspirations, income direction, tax implications and other financial considerations. That's why we have a range of loans and a variety of lending strategies that we tailor specifically to help our clients achieve their money goals.

Long-term relationships count.
No matter what stage of life we are in, or how much financial baggage we all have, we're in it together and for the long haul. And, because we're a boutique mortgage manager our clients will always deal with the same team for the life of their loan. That's the same team for credit assessments, the monitoring of loan repayments, interest rate adjustments and loan variations. No more dealing with a different person every time!

Active advice is the best education.
In today's uncertain economy it's more important than ever to understand where our money goes and how to get on top of it. How do we inspire and educate our clients to better manage their money? Our Credit Advisors are across all the latest services and developments on the market. We will assess and explain financial options in a simple way that's easy to understand. And rest assured, we're salary paid so our advice is not tainted.

What our exclusive wholesale rates mean for our clients.
We have direct access to the wholesale divisions of major Australian banks. This means, even after we add our margin  (that's how we get paid), our clients will always get a competitive deal. Our wholesale rates also mean, we have the flexibility to review and adjust loan facilities at any time to make sure our clients loan remains competitive from the day it's approved, until the final repayment.

What does it mean for you?

Become more than just a middleman. Build a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your clients, as you become the person that guides them through every financial milestone.

Access to a team that are equipped to make decisions and support each other to give you back much needed time to spend with your clients and prospective clients.

Control of the process. Direct access to Credit Managers that can approve loans.

Best practice compliance support.

Coaching and mentoring financial scenarios with a team who care.

A post approval and relationship management team that support your clients once they are onboarded.

Two ways to work with FinancePath

Credit Advisor

Base wage + bonus + trail for self-generated leads

Are you great with numbers and people but don't have a network that provides you the confidence to go out on your own.

Would you like to be writing $2M to $3M per month but don't know how.

Are you great with people but get bogged down in compliance and administration.

Would you like to spend more time with your clients.

Sick of trying to remember 30 different lenders policy.

Would you benefit from being part of a team of experienced Credit Advisors and Manager all available to support you.


Commission only

Trail for self-generated leads

Perfectly suited to a credit advisor who has a number of years' experience and is ready for the next step.

Are you writing $1M to $2M a month but can't take the leap to writing more.

Would access to top up leads help you get to $30M - $40M per year?

Are you bogged down in compliance and administration?

Would the support of defined processes and an administration team allow you to spend more time with your clients.

Sick of dealing with bank BDM's and faceless credit assessors.

Is taking a holiday without your laptop in tow a reality you can only dream about.









Credit Advisor - Construction Loan Specialist

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