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Approximately 41 Australians are diagnosed with Blood Cancer every day.

Pancreatic cancer patients only have a 9.8% chance of living past 5 years.

Meet Sarah Collard. Last year she was diagnosed with T-PLL which is an extremely rare form of Leukemia, the most aggressive known form. Whilst the prognosis was initially very poor, the incredible medical staff at The Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre and a perfect bone marrow match with Sarah’s brother, Andy, have together saved her life and will continue to do so for many others.

It is estimated that in 2019, 3,599 new cases of pancreatic cancer were diagnosed in Australia. In 2019, Esther Godwin was tragically diagnosed with Pancreatic, Liver & Breast Cancer. The physical pain is only half of the challenge the mental torment is endless. Esther continues to get up and fight the battle, taking small steps every day.

They are courageous.

They are brave.

They are fighters and have a common goal of survival.

Let's PLAY FOR CHANGE and raise much needed funds in the fight against cancer.

Event details

When:                  Friday 8th May, 2020

Where:                Woodlands Golf Course, 109 White St, Mordialloc, 3195


7:00am               Golf Registration & Light Breakfast

11:30am             Luncheon Guests arrive for pre drinks and canapes.

1pm  - 4pm        2 course luncheon, guest speakers, live and silent auctions.

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