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Active Education Series

Cashback offers (Part 1) - Who benefits?

Cashback offers (Part 2) - Secure the benefits without switching

Now that interest rates have started to increase, is it too late to fix my rate?

FinancePath Premium Fixed Interest Home Loan

Golden rules - Fixing your interest rate

Redraw and Offset facilities - What's the difference?

Redraw and Offset facilities - Repayment calculations 

Redraw and Offset facilities - Tax deductibility

Conveyancing 101 with KLM 

The importance of your document signing appointment

Your 7-step lending journey

First Home Buyer Grants and Incentives - March 2021

Should you fix your home loan interest rate?

The importance of loan pre-approvals

Top tips for a successful build when constructing your dream home

Understanding construction funding

Understanding the benefits of construction in regional Victoria

Why now is the time for first home buyers and investors to act

Covid 19 and the early release of superannuation

Covid 19 and the property market

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