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How to get a better deal

Time to move home, this time there is more to consider when refinancing.

It's no secret that many banks, and even brokers, are renowned for setting you up with a home loan and forgetting about you after settlement.

Years can pass, and while you might be slowly chipping away at your mortgage and building a little equity in your home, there could be a better lending strategy available. One that helps you achieve your financial goals and dreams sooner.

Believe it or not, mortgage refinance isn't solely about finding the cheapest interest rate. Getting a better deal is also about making the most of your mortgage. That might mean freeing up capital to purchase another property, improving the way you manage your debt, or simply improving your cash flow so that you can live a better lifestyle.
This eBook reveals the questions you should ask to find out if mortgage refinance is right for you. Plus, how to create a better finance structure for now, and the future.

Here's more of what this eBook covers:

  • Refinancing to invest
  • Goal setting and key considerations
  • How much more can you afford to borrow?
  • The right finance for you
  • Counting the cost of refinancing
  • An alternative to the banks
  • Why it can pay to stay
  • What to expect when refinancing


A Guide for Mortgage Refinance

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