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What is the difference between a chattel mortgage and a standard car loan

Posted by Mark Attard on 12 September 2017
The main difference between a Chattel Mortgage and a Consumer Loan is that a Chattel Mortgage is a business use loan product which means the vehicle must be used predominantly for business use, which is 50% or more business usage. The outcome of each of the loan products is the same in the sense that the financier lends you the funds and takes a financial interest or mortgage over the vehicle, which means that you own the vehicle from purchase date. If you qualify for a Chattel Mor...
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What is the difference between consumer and commercial loan

Posted by Mark Attard on 12 September 2017
What is the difference between consumer and commercial loan
It is very important to understand the difference between commercial and consumer finance in Australia before you sign any contracts. Below are some of the key points of difference between the two you must be aware of and understand. Protection The difference in protection for borrowers of consumer and commercial loans is significant. The law provides the highest level of protection to consumers borrowing for household purposes such as personal loans, car loans, home loans, credit ...
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Noel & Leanne's story

Posted by Chris Collard on 31 August 2017
Noel & Leanne's story
Our concerns and fears were cleared in one phone call. We had recently sold our home and were looking to move closer to the family as we have a new grandchild. Our present bank stated that due to our income, age and Noel's change in work situation we could not borrow to buy our new home.  This did not make sense to us as our new home purchase would be less than what our present loan was.  We had some concerns as we had gone unconditional on the new purchase contract a...
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Director's report - Is it too late to buy an investment property?

Posted by Mark Attard on 1 August 2017
Director's report - Is it too late to buy an investment property?
5 questions you need to ask that will give you the answer. The general consensus is that the property markets especially in Melbourne and Sydney have peaked or are close to peaking and that property price increases in general will be lower than what we have seen over the recent past. Does this mean you put the cue in the rack and wait for prices to slow down or maybe even drop? History would suggest that when prices slow down or drop, within the next couple of years well locate...
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Nick and Sharnie's story

Posted by Mark Attard on 27 July 2017
Nick and Sharnie's story
A bad credit rating and renting, we thought it was never going to be possible to secure our own home. We had always dreamed of owning our own home but I had a bad credit rating when I was younger.  After renting for so long, the time came yet again when our rent was put up, the house was not worth what they were asking us to pay. The hassle of moving from house to house and the ongoing maintenance that took forever to done, we decided renting was no longer for us. It was time ...
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