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Listen in as we debate the most important topics for smart money management. The FinancePath Podcast is a collaboration between Mark Attard and Chris Collard, FinancePath managing directors, and fortnightly special guests.

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What you ought to know about staging a home for sale

If you're interested in selling this spring, there's a few things you ought to know about staging your home for sale. Mark Attard, FinancePath managing director, speaks with Georgia K from Designs to Inspire about the do's and don'ts of home staging how best to present your house when selling. Because, if done right, the financial rewards of selling a well staged home can be significant. Listen in to find out: What is home staging? How to create the right emotional reaction with your target market; How long home staging takes (and costs); and What should be included in your design plan.




Finance apps and online money tools with Steve Jackel of My Prosperity

Sick of multiple logs ins? Is keeping track of your personal finance too time consuming? Find out about the finance apps and online money tools that actually work. Mark Attard speaks with My Prosperity CIO Steve Jackel about exactly how to use technology to help track (and grow) your wealth this financial year. PS. For greater control over your money management checkout FinancePath's NEW digital platform Your Smart Money Tool. And, read our review of Australia's 3 best finance apps and online tools.




A tale of two couples' personal finances

When it comes to a couple's personal finances a lot can happen in just eight years. In this podcast, FinancePath managing director Mark Attard and general manager Chris Collard take a look at the different financial outcomes of two similar Melbourne-based couples. FinancePath started working with both 1. Tom and Bec and 2. Laura and Lou in 2008. Learn how (and why) one of the couples now has five properties in their investment portfolio and are on target to achieve their money goal of $2.5 million in net assets. What's your partner's relationship with money? Take our Couple's Money Mindset Quiz to find out.



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