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FinancePath Directors Report - 1 July 2022

Cashback offers: The bank, the broker and you. Who actually benefits?

Cashback offers: Secure the benefits without switching lenders

Let our Credit Advisers guide you through our 7-step lending journey.

Predictions for 2021. How did the boys perform? Let's see.

Is it too late to fix my interest rate? The short answer is yes.

FinancePath Wealth Portal - Overview

Golden Rules - Rules to follow when looking to fix your rate

2021 End of year wrap - Lessons learned. Hopes for 2022.

Redraw facilities & offset accounts - What's the difference?

Redraw facilities & offset accounts - Repayment calculations

Redraw facilities & offset accounts - Tax deductibility

Hit the ground running - Understanding the importance of your loan document signing appointment.

FinancePath Premium Fixed Rate Home Loan.

Fix? Don't fix? Understanding the pros and cons of fixing your home loan interest rate.

Conveyancing 101 with KLM Conveyancing

FinancePath Directors Report - 1 July 2021

Government grants & incentives - Understand what support is available.

Loan Pre-Approvals - Buy property with confidence.

Property Market Review - April 2021

FinancePath App

Super Measure discussed

Financial Hardship

Time to take advantage

Tips to ensure success when building your dream home.

Want to understand construction funding.

Escape the city and get a foothold in the regional Victoria property market.

Directors' Report - Oct 2019

EOFY Directors Wrap

FinancePath 7 Step Process

Directors' Cut - Oct 10

Royal Commission Report

Directors' Report - Election Review

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